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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  July 4, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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a sadistic murder transformed the jail. >> sodomized, paid on, spit on, tortured. >> a roller derby takes a hard fall. and one inmate realizes that even a good day in jail can have a dark side. >> some of these guys are looking upwards of 10, 15 days
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each, getting out in two days doesn't make me the most popular guy. >> this is our jail, we're going to clean house. unlike prison, where all inmates have been convicted of a crime, the majority of jail inmates stand accused of criminal acts and are either on or awaiting trial. but the threat of violence is just as real in jail as it is in
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prison. >> around here we'll get a couple of these maybe in a month. day-to-day management of the orange county jail in southern california is up to sheriff's deputies. some work permanently in the jail while others rotate through, then return to street patrol. >> let's line up on the wall right here. >> a select group of deputies make up the emergency response team, a s.w.a.t.-like team when inmates pose a immanent threat. wielding a broken pop stick and other cleaning supplies, joseph ettima who pled not guilty to a murder trial and is awaiting trial refused not to return to
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his cell. >> he's saying he's hispanic they don't want to program with him, he wants out of there, this is his way of doing it. we don't know what's going to happen once we get inside there. when you go inside there, watch each other's back, handle any situation that arises. our job is not to rush in blindly and cause more chaos to situation that's already out of control. we're a tactical unit that will respond, find out what's going on, work out a tactical plan for our entry, then prior to any kind of entry, we'll talk to them. we'll let them know hey, this is what you're about to face. >> can i talk to you? joseph? if you don't talk to me, we're going have to come in and get you, okay? >> after several more minutes of coaxing, response team members approach from the upper tier and open fire with non-lethal rounds of pepper spray, followed by rubber bullets.
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>> don't go in. he's not going down. now he's getting down, he's getting down. >> don't move! don't move! >> after he is restrained, he will be taken to a holding area for further questioning and a check for injuries. >> what we want to do is come to a peaceful outcome, and this guy here decided he has history of being violent and combative. it's recorded, documented. best thing to do is show force. a lot of times if you show force, the inmate will toe down a bit. >> while the response to this incident may look extreme, jail
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officials say it was by the book. >> because of the dangerous situation, air was sent in. throwing weapons at him, mop buckets, deputies get him to comply. it's a round made out of rubber, it's intended to strike him, cause pain and hopefully he'll lay down and comply. the initial shot struck him, he continued through it, they came down the stairs, he had that other weapon that was strapped to his waist, as you can see in the film, he kind of turns on his side and pulls that out. once he does that, they again fire on him with the.40 caliber. strikes the inmate on the side, inmate then decides it's best to call it quits, lays flat on his stomach with his arms extended, we were able to enter and take him into custody. >> punishment for incidents like this usually involves the loss of privileges, as well as the filing of new criminal charges.
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that turned out to be the case for etima as well. but in 2006, jerad petrovich was allegedly involved in an incident that not only resulted in serious charges, but set up incidents that affect the entire system today. >> you're using your legal paperwork as weight? >> yeah, also magazines, you know. >> petrovich has approximately 20 pounds of legal paperwork in his cell, leads to a successful jailhouse workout. the paperwork has accumulated over four years, since he was accused of being a ring leader of one of the orange county jails most transformative events, group assault and murder of an inmate. only murder in the jail in more than a decade. at the time, petrovich, in jail
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for receiving stolen property, was seen as the leader of the white inmates. >> we're standing in f barracks, the left side. this is the scene of a pretty gruesome homicide that occurred in 2006. it was the murder of inmate john derrick chamberlain, occurred in october, occurred over here in d-cube. inmates drug chamberlain out of view from the guard station and savagely beat him to death. he was incarcerated for what we would consider a low-level sex-related offense, possession of child pornography. there's an inmate culture here that crimes against children are viewed as something dispickable. those inmates are commonly targeted for violence, but the reality in 2006, we didn't have the housing space, we were trying to juggle our inmate population to put him in a position so what we did with him
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was we told him, you know, don't talk about your charges, don't talk about the crimes that you may have done or committed, try and fit in and be nondisscript. >> he claims it wasn't the inmate that is targeted chamberlain, but two deputies. >> cops pulled me out and told me, hit him from the neck down. didn't say kill him. never said kill him, just said go beat him up. because he's a pervert. >> a later investigation was unable to confirm that the deputies told the inmates about chamberlain's charges. >> but what came out of the investigation was a realization that this information was readily available, and they use that information to find a time and opportunity to attack inmate chamberlain and ultimately beat him to death in a very severe manner. >> sodomized, paid on, spit on,
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boiling water poured on him. >> he admitted he told the inmates about the charges but claims he didn't participate in the beating. still, he and eight other inmates were charged with chamberlain's murder and have all pled not guilty. coming up. >> it was anarchy. >> another inmate allegedly involved in the chamberlain murder describes the horror. navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales or bank-owned properties or commercial real estate, agents who can help speed up the process, no matter how intricate. and that's good news, whether you're trying to sell or hoping to buy.
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tammie butcher stays in shape by pacing her cell in sets of 52 laps.
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one for each card in her playing deck. butcher is well known at the orange county jail, not only as a frequent inmate, but as a local roller derby star. >> my mom dragged me to a roller derby competition out in corona. i went there, who did i see but inmate tammie butcher smashing and bashing. she's not aggressive in jail but was on the roller ring. >> women bashing other girls. it's fun. my roller derby name was hurt in a skirt. i've been doing it for four years. it's a good way to release a lot of tension. it's so much fun. i've broken both my collarbones, almost broke my hip. i've broke my arm. yeah, it's very hard.
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it's rough. >> butcher is currently in jail for violating her probation on a drug conviction as well as a stripper. >> i went to a club in anaheim, drank that night, five shocks of jack to the head, and i fell off the pole. did this trick, didn't even slow down at all. bam, i woke up in traction, doctors were like you're never going to walk again. you've got me twisted. i don't know whose chart you're reading, that's not pine. paralyzed, give me a freaking break. if i can't shake my tail feather, no reason to breathe, for real. >> she not only walked again but said her medical bills were paid by men in the audience. questions led by questions from her 8-year-old daughter made her to end her career.
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>> she asked why i only take shoes and underwear to work. i don't know, that's a good question. who do you do at work? i sell these. doesn't look like anyone would buy those shoes, looks already worn. oh, god. i was busted. i hung up the heels. >> butcher's flare for the dramatic is known in and out of jail. eric wolf, currently incarcerated in a men's unit is a friend of butcher's from the streets. >> everyone loves to hang out with butcher. she's a lot of fun. honestly, if you're in a situation where you'll get in a fight, she'd throw the first punch. when she runs, she runs until she gets busted, gets back in prison, gets out, and does it all over again. >> a meth addiction has proven butcher's biggest nemesis and has kept her revolving in and
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out of prison for years. >> i own this drug, i was way wrong. butcher's latest probation violation occurred when she failed a drug test. she could be facing up to 16 months in prison, but that will be up to a judge to decide during a upcoming hearing. butcher hopes to convince the judge to let her try a drug rehabilitation program instead of prison. >> i don't want to go to prison. that's the easy way out. you know, it's six months of doing nothing, sitting around, letting the state take care of me. the program is hard, probation is hard, and they say -- i got advice from a friend saying anything that's worth it is worth trying, right? i'm going to go that route. because i have kids that need me. i need to be with them, you know? just ain't cool no more.
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coming up. >> i have been in the process of a screen play. we're calling it the bar stool musical. ♪ ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ my only sunshine ♪ you makes me happy ♪ when skies are grey ♪ you'll never know, dear ♪ how much i love you ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ [ male announcer ] as long as there are babies, they'll be chevy's to bring them home. ♪
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♪ ♪ oh, beautiful spacious skies, for amber waves of green ♪ ♪ for purple mountains magesty above the fruited plain ♪ ♪ america, america, god sheds his grace on thee ♪ ♪ and crown thigh goods with brotherhoods from sea to shining sea ♪ >> when it comes to beating
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boredom in the orange county jail, donald stokes likes to sing, and patriotic classics seem not to bother anyone. >> as always, portions of tonight's program brought to you in part by orange county corrections. >> thanks to his former job, stokes has seen a broad spectrum of america, one playground at a time. >> we build huge trails for kids. every burger king, chucky cheese, needs to have a playground cleaned, built, dismantled. >> stokes is serving 120 days for possession of methamphetamines and driving on a suspended license, but this isn't his first run-in with the law. >> i've been arrested for being a dee jay.
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been taken to jail on a 5150, psychiatric -- buckskin leggings. that's a great story when you're inside and somebody goes so, what are you in for? makes for good conversation at least. >> stokes is using part of his time in oc to tell another story, one he hopes to cell in nearby hollywood. >> going to sing again? >> i don't know. probably. >> i have been in the process of a screenplay. we're calling it the bar stool musical. ♪ ♪ know they'll test you to see if you're true, gave your heart rhythm and music lives in you ♪
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♪ stokes' release date is only three days away. there was a time when steven carlstrom could almost see freedom as well. >> i was getting out within two months. i was free to go home and live my life with my son, didn't turn out that way. >> like stokes, he was serving 5 short-term for meth possession, but now he's facing a new charge, murder. he's pled not guilty, but carlstrom is one of nine inmates charged for killing. >> i was playing dominos when this happened. but i've got a lot of people pointing the finger at me.
9:24 pm
i got the guy, allegedly, brought him down, allegedly people dragged him inside the cube, the blind spot, and started beating him. >> the blind spot is an area behind a privacy wall, which has since been removed. >> carlstrom said he felt obligated and jailhouse politics requires jailmates of the same race to stick together. >> if you were not obligated would you feel required to set this man up? >> no, i actually brought that man around, told him the jail rules. i thought he was a nice guy. if i wasn't obligated, heck no. i wouldn't touch that guy. >> he says his participation in the attack was minimal. >> i had my back against to it moeps of the time, but i could
9:25 pm
hear the commotion, the beating, it wasn't pretty. didn't sound pretty. it reminded me of a pbs documentary show of how a wolf pack brings down an elk or deer, you know, how they work together on bringing the animal down? that's how i felt. it felt just like death. >> he claims he made an effort to save the man. >> when i got through in there to the center where he was, he didn't look good. he was bloody, i think he had some water on him, he was down to his boxers, almost naked, just barely standing there. he was in the sitting position, but he was, you know, walking back and forth. not looking good, so i grabbed him, started dragging him out, and they said no, he's not going anywhere. >> inmates allege that two deputies prompted the attack by
9:26 pm
telling jerad petrovich, a leader amongst the white inmates, that chaimer lan was arrested on sex offense charges and deserved to be roughed up. it's also been alleged the deputies were in the security center at the time of the attack but ignored it. both deputies have since been dismissed from the department. a grand jury was not able to determine criminal actions but said they acted with severe misconduct and the jail itself saw a major transformation. >> it shook the foundation of it, initiated a grand jury investigation. >> shortly after, the sheriff resigned due to the chamberlain case and other charges. he was sentenced to five years in prison for witness tampering but was acquitted of all other charges. sandra hutchins was appointed and later elected as orange
9:27 pm
county sheriff. >> there were some folks who didn't do their job quite frankly in the jail. the folks involved in chamberlain are no longer with us, so we did our own investigation, internal investigation, and dealt with that and did quite a few reforms in the jail. >> those reforms included the removal of all privacy walls in the housing units and tvs in security centers that could distract deputies, new security cameras have also been installed in the jail:increase in staff training and supervisors are required to be more involved in routine activities. silver lining is the jails are better than they've been before, staffed by the highest qualified professionals who are dedicated to their profession. >> the changes have not gone unnoticed, even carlstrom
9:28 pm
believes life in prison has improved. >> respect level has improved. which is good. >> still, he feels he has been unjustly charged in the murder. he has pled not guilty as the case slowly moves towards trial. only two months away from leaving jail when the attack occurred, he says the most devastating part is the 9-year-old son he's left behind. >> i'll never get out if i get convicted, and not knowing if i'm ever going to be with my son, not knowing if i'm ever going to be able to see a sunset again, play with my son, teach him to play baseball, soccer, football, i should be out there doing that good stuff with him, instead i'm here, charged with murder for something i didn't commit. coming up. >> so you're telling me you're not dealing drugs? >> one inmate faces new accusations on the inside while
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on any given day, there are more than 5,000 inmates incarcerated in the five facilities that make up the orange county jail system. their charges, stories, and backgrounds are as diverse as the southern california communities most of them hail from, but for the vast majority of these men and women, there is a common element that led to their troubles with the law. >> most inmates will have done drugs. their current crime is not drugs, they are stealing for drugs or their life of crime began with drugs. there's always a connection there. >> deputies are always on the lookout for elicit drug use inside the jail as well, and over in the women's unit, deputies just interrupted what they suspect to be a drug deal. as inmates were disposing of their brown bag lunches, one was seen handing her bag to her
9:34 pm
neighbor. moments later, deputies found a prescription drug inside. >> they are forpsychotic disorders. a nurse comes different times during the day, they are given to the inmate, they are supposed to take it in front of the nurse, swallow it. the person who took these, kept them, she's the person passing it, the person in the other room was the person that received it. >> the inmate caught passing the bag is mona on charges including identity theft and possession of narcotics. she has pled not guilty but has had prior convictions for both. >> why are you guys passing stuff around? >> i'm sorry, didn't want to waste my milk or bread. asked if she wanted it, go ahead. >> you're telling me you're not dealing drugs? >> no, i do that outside the street. i don't do it in here, it's
9:35 pm
stupid. >> really? why is it stupid? because i caught you today? >> i don't consider meds drugs. >> just a minute ago she gave you up. >> she would never give me up, that's bull [ bleep ] that's my home girl. >> you think she's not going to give you up to save her ass? >> if she said i did, i take it. i don't do it, take a look at my record, go ahead. >> i'm going to look, this is our jail, we're going to clean house. sit down. sit, on your butt. all right, let's go search the cells. >> deputy and her partner conduct cell searches on salima and her neighbor. >> new clear mattresses, we're able to see if they are hiding anything inside. there's no rip in this one.
9:36 pm
>> we're also going to take all the paper bags, especially ones folded. they seem to hide things in the seems, better to take them. >> she denies putting drugs in the bag and says she was just trying to share some of her left-over lunch. >> four pieces of bread and two jolly ranchers. took that chance, she caught it. i raised my hand and said i'll take the write up. it was my fault. now there's a situation, i don't know. >> minimal contraband was found. no more narcotics. we're just going to take care of the paper work and reclassify those two suspects. step on out. >> the inmates involved in the incident have been directed to gather their possessions and will be transferred to new cells
9:37 pm
while jail officials will determine if they should be reclassified as higher-security inmates. >> drop your stuff right there, turn your pockets inside out. hands behind your back. separate your feet. do you have any more pills on you or in you? why are you on my floor? >> passing bread and milk. >> any pills in those bread or milk? >> no, there wasn't. >> deputies were lying? that was a question. are my deputies are lying? turn around. go inside the cell and have a seat. >> drug problems landed donald stokes in jail as well. he violated his probation on a drug possession conviction and now is only two days away from his release. in the meantime, he holds a job
9:38 pm
delivering meals and clothing to other inmates. >> we're going to be doing that shortly here, get to pick up the clothing, these guys come down, we hand it back and forth through that slot. no time do we get actual personal contact to these guys. some guys are looking upwards to 10 or 15 years least. knowing i'm out in two days doesn't make me the most popular guy. >> stokes has mixed feelings about his upcoming release. >> obviously, intimidating. when i checked into my hotel room, walked out to my car, there was a gun pressed to my head. my probation violation popped up on the grid, taken to custody with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, not exactly expecting to go, so as i'm getting ready to head home wherever i figure out where home will be, no shoes to walk there, no jacket. all right, guys, no list on the
9:39 pm
diets again. >> stokes' job helped speed up his release date. >> grateful i got two more of these to go, and then i can actually go to del taco. it will be wonderful. >> waiting for that for two and a half weeks now. >> mail brings hopeful news to tami butcher. [ male announcer ] do you know how you will react when someone changes lanes without warning? or when you're distracted? when you're falling asleep at the wheel? do you know how you'll react? lexus can now precisely test the most unpredictable variable in a car -- the driver. when you pursue perfection, you don't just engineer
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depending on the news it brings, mail call can be one of the happiest or saddest times of day. >> if i don't get mail every day, i get very upset. >> for butcher, today's delivery brought much-needed hope. >> i got acceptance to the program i was trying to get into. >> dear tami bumper, there's no reason why you can't be a good mother and productive woman in life. stay focussed, tami, you're worth it, good luck. so, yeah, i've been waiting for that for two and a half weeks now. yeah. >> her acceptance into a drug rehabilitation program has enabled butcher to set off on a new path. >> means i don't have to go to prison. that's the easy way. i'm doing the hard way. i've been sober for, had three years, daddy passed away, i ran.
9:44 pm
running strong every since. i'm going to do it again and stay that way, because if my mom was to pass away while i was in prison, i'd never forgive myself. she's not healthy, she's sick, so, you know, i want to regain the respect of my oldest daughter. worth nothing, so i'll show her i am worth it, so yeah. i'm stuck on stuck today. so yeah. >> in a few days, butcher will take her acceptance letter to court and ask the judge to approve her plans. >> been an addict for a long time. i've been doing drugs for a long time. it's gotten me in this place, every time i'm in this place, i'm tired of this place, i'll let new girls come in here and take my spot. i'm over it. i don't want to go to prison.
9:45 pm
prison is stupid. >> there's been some good news for mona as well. she had recently been accused of passing prescription drugs to another inmate but now has been cleared. >> the rrt was written for a major violation for the other inmate for the possession and salima was not given any discipline. >> but in years past, drugs wreaked havoc in her life. first sentence was 12 years earlier for dealing drugs. >> pound of methamphetamine and two ounces of chronic at that time. it was on sunday, my bad, i never worked on sunday, there you go, money and greed got me, getting off my ash, delivering, $20,000 i couldn't resist. i never worked on sunday, there i go, wasted on sunday again. >> why do you never work on sunday? >> i do believe in him. i believe that for god and relax
9:46 pm
and not do work. the drug usually takes over. trying to teach me something. >> salima was sentenced to four and a half years and says when she got out she stayed clean and even opened her own sandwich shop, then she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. >> after all that, wow, you got cancer. you might be dead in three months. [ bleep ] it. give me a pipe. i felt angry. god, i gave myself to god for ten years. like, i actually stayed with the same woman for six years before i started cheating on her. really? that's pretty good. i felt like i got betrayed, like i got a slap in my face. >> from? >> god. >> salima turned to crime to support her latest drug
9:47 pm
addiction. >> brand new jeep in the middle of a parking lot 2:00 in the morning with the window half open like that. come on, are you kidding me? this is the worst thing for a criminal. >> inside the jeep she found a credit card and i.d. >> turned out she was a probation officer. i'm going to keep it anyways. >> she used the credit card to buy a pack of cigarettes and cup of coffee, then stole for more cars. >> gps, couple of digital cameras, couple of nice chanel glasses. >> but her crime spree came to an end that same evening when she was stopped by police. now she's awaiting trial on these latest charges. on the bright side, her cancer is in remission. >> losing my hair was the most devastating thing, but look how good i rock it now, you know what i mean? it's all good. >> salima has also found her
9:48 pm
recent love interest, only problem, in the housing unit next door. >> we were in the same sector before, same bedroom actually. now we communicate through the window. >> as soon as i rolled in here, i led her. you know when you meet people and know if you like them or not? she's interesting. >> blaine is also in jail on drug possession charges. she has pled not guilty but admitted to us she used to shoplift lingerie, which she would sell. she learned the jail's version of lingerie is considerably less stylish. >> i would rather not wear underwear than have to wear these. it hurts, it hurts. >> but even jail attire can't extinguish passion. >> walk back and forth. her letters are kind of cool. >> lindsey is hot.
9:49 pm
have you seen her naked? oh, my god. she's hot. >> we just have chemistry, you know what i mean? it's there. i dig her. >> she's going to look great behind me on my harley. oh, my god. >> she makes me blush. am i blushing now? >> little bit. >> little bit? coming up, tami butcher gets bad news. and donald stokes says his good-byes. i remember the days before copd.
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many inmates at the orange county jail have experienced the highs and lows of drug addiction, and because their futures are uncertain, the
9:53 pm
emotional roller coaster doesn't always stop once they're in jail. tami butcher recently had a high when she was accepted into a drug rehabilitation program, but it quickly turned into a low when the judge denied her rehab request and sentenced her to prison instead. >> i'm kind of bummed, you know. i cried for like, you know, two or three days. >> butcher was sentenced to 16 months in prison. with time served and good behavior, she could be out in as little as six months. >> i threw a temper tantrum. came out and i go, nooooo! you'll never take me away. but it's probably a lot better just because of the fact that i can do this next six months and learn who i am, where you come from. i haven't been in my skin for a long time, you know. i've been faking, persuading,
9:54 pm
and scamming and a whole lot of other stuff. right after prison, i'm going into the program. they're picking me up from the gate. even though i'm not going to program now, i need to go to the program and learn the tools to stay clean because i know the tools to stay high, but i want to be reprogrammed, you know? >> until then butcher will do her time in prison, and now that she's sentenced, she could be transferred any day. >> i should be gone this week, though, which is a good thing. i won't be in the county longer. i'll be out with air, you know. because when you're in prison it flies because you're in program. every day you're outside walking. you look like a big carrot for a while because you're wearing bright-ass orange, the brightest orange you've ever seen. like crossing guard orange. over in the workers' barracks of the theo lacy jail, donald stokes is headed in a completely different direction. tonight he'll be released from jail. >> at this point i'm pretty much ready to go.
9:55 pm
i said my good-byes to everybody and passed off that which can be passed off to my friends that i'm not going to be taking with me. i'm just a little bit anxious. just waiting for that minute where they call my name and i get a chance to grab the rest of my things and head on down the road. it could be any time now, but it seems like every minute's taken hours, you know. it'll happen when it happens, i guess. in case of emergency. >> because stokes was taken into custody without shoes, the jail has allowed him to have a pair of flip-flops so that he won't leave barefoot. >> come to the back door. >> yes, ma'am. >> take it easy, guys. be safe, you all. take your time. love you. be in touch. take care, you all. peace. be safe. see you soon, guys. >> stokes will now head to the intake and release center where he'll receive his street clothes
9:56 pm
and belongings. >> see you guys for the reunion. >> good luck to you, man. >> thank you. you guys take it easy. be safe. everybody got a chance to get up and give me the proverbial heading out the door round of applause. you're not allowed to clap in jail because it sounds too much like somebody getting hit traditionally. but we'll give you something like that. now comes the weird part, facing reality once again, you know. this was the way that we'd walk three times a day going to work, and i'd see this door in front of me and i'd go okay. only one week to go, only two weeks to go, only a month to go, you know? now those days have all passed behind, and i still have that anxiety. i don't know what's coming next. you know, at least while you're in here you have the predictability of knowing what the next day's going to bring. it's the same thing, same program day in, day out. now comes the real test. thank you, sir.
9:57 pm
>> stokes' first challenge will be getting situated. he doesn't have a ride or a place to stay for the night. >> there was one bar of energy on the cell phone when i was taken into custody. and i'm hoping there's enough juice on there to look up a couple of phone numbers, possibly get a ride tonight. nothing like the smell of a t-shirt coming out of the warehouse four months later, you know? >> how's it smelling? >> phenomenal. like freedom. i was thinking of asking the deputy if he'd let me keep the boots, but i know they're tight on finances here at the county right now, so -- thank you, sir. [ inaudible ] >> yes, sir, thank you. freedom. as i was sitting there in the release area, i thought to myself, that was the first time
9:58 pm
i had been alone in four months. four months you've got somebody around you within a five-foot space. >> all right. take that green slip up to the cashier. >> thank you, sir. that's all i got in the world, but it's something. thank you, sir. one more lock away. thank you, gentlemen. >> for the first time since he was taken into custody four
9:59 pm
months ago, stokes can take a look at his possessions. >> these are going to be about as stale as humanly possible, yet it still smells good. on the inside, the cost of a pack of cigarettes all total, about $20 or $30. it's insane what these guys will pay for their quick fix. i didn't want to charge up my cell phone or even plug it in until i can get to a spot and write down the phone numbers before it dies. who knows what the future's going to bring, but when you hear people say there's no place to go but up, quite the literal case here. it feels good to be out, real good.